The Flinders Gin SPIRIT

Producing Flinders Gin is a way for us to commemorate both sides of our family heritage and bring focus to the natural beauty and vibrancy of the region.

The Sprit of Flinders Gin

Flinders Gin Distillery Feb 2022


 Regional Connection

In a recently restored Farriers and Stable just a few streets away from her paternal grandmother’s Quorn birthplace, Leah Trotta and her husband of 25 years, Alby established their locally-based business, Flinders Gin.

The boutique artisanal distillery started construction during 2020 before launching in 2021.


Mrs’ Pickfords Private Hospital
8th Street Quorn

Howard’s Van

The Man and The Van

Howard’s van continues to cement our connection with Regional South Australia and will allow us to offer a unique cellar door experience to visitors to the region.

Flinders Gin will be able to drive our ‘cellar door’ to local landmarks, such as the Pichi Richi Railway, or regional markets and events, adding colour and interest.  We have restored our 1950s Zestline caravan that was once home to family friend, Howard who lived in the van on the family’s Yorke Peninsular property from the 1960s until his death in the 1980s.

Howard c1970
Howard and Earnie

Meet The Master Distiller

Alby Trotta Master Distiller in London

 Owner & Master Distiller

Once a qualified baker and expert advisor in product development, export and cold chain management, Alby has now turned his artisan skills to producing hand-made, small batch gin – a craft he learned amongst his family in Italy and honed during Masterclasses for Gin in London.

“My family worked in harmony with the land in Italy, using seasonal local herbs and aromatics to infuse flavour. The Flinders Ranges is home to some unique native foods and I wanted to incorporate those flavour profiles into Flinders Gin”, says Master Distiller Alby Trotta.  


Drying Seeds
Artisan Blended Seed Drying for Gin Making

Ernie The Distillery Dog

Arf Arf – It’s a tradition

Throughout the world, many great distilleries have a dog that keeps guard over production, and supplies the master distiller with companionship while tending to their bubbling fermentations. 

Flinders Gin is proud to introduce Ernie – our Groodle. He is a cross breed from a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. Ernie is 100% adorable and follows us on all our adventures. You will meet him at the distillery or out and about greeting guests in Howard. 

Who’s a good boy? Ernie is! 


Ernie the Distillery Dog
Ernie the Distillery Dog
Ernie in Howard


seasonal varieties / YEAR

% ALC / VOl

Master distiller

July 2020

The Location

Moved into Quorn Building
February 2021

Distillery Licence

Registered and Approved to make Gin on site
5th June 2021

Brand Launch

Launched Flinders Gin at Tickleberry Hill
12th June 2021

Doors Open

Public Launch and Distillery Doors opened to the public

“The South Australian Outback, the rich culture, the raw character, and the unique tastes found in the region make Quorn the perfect place to relax and enjoy our Gin.

We wanted to share our passion for quality, and our skill in Gin Making with everyone while they experience the Flavours Forged in the Flinders Ranges with us.”

The Trotta Family

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